Dental Materials Science

Risks with Dental Materials

The aim is to increase the knowledge regarding dental biomaterials and their possible side-effects. Changes in health over time are studied among patients with symptoms related to their dental materials – the hypothesis is that the patients can de divided into subgroups based on their symptoms, and that their possibility to recover differs between the groups. The social consequences of the patients’ symptoms over time are studied. Side-effects related to resin-based dental materials and their consequences are studied over time.

Anders Berglund, +46 (0)90 785 60 69,

Development of Zirconia as a Biomaterial

The aim of the project is to develop the composition of prefab-ricated zirconia ceramics blanks used for machining restora-tions and the manufacturing techniques in order to minimize any negative effects on the zirconia ceramics.

Göran Sjögren, +46 (0)90 785 61 32,


Chemical stability of biomaterials and biological impact

The interactions between dental biomaterials and the surrounding environments have been studied through a large number of combinations. This research area is continues explored as well as the effect of released corrosion products on biological activity.


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